Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our Wedding

This Sunday is Jerry and I's 1st Anniversary!!

Bleu Cloud is having a linky party to post about your wedding and any funny stories you have from it.

So here's our wedding!

...and my funny story is...

you know that really pretty picture of us in the woods sitting on the luggage with trees all around us...

well after taking that picture, Jerry kept complaining that his legs hurt him. Everyone just thought that he was  just really nervous and kept kind of blowing him off.

Later that night as we got to the honeymoon sweet and Jerry finally got a chance to change, he quickly figured out that he had been standing in ants during that picture and now had over 50 ant bites on his legs!!
No wonder they hurt! :)


Anonymous said...

love the pics!
happy anniversary sweet friends!
wish i could have been there. it looks like it was such a sweet and special time!

Debbie said...

Happy 1st Anniversary! Know there will be many more. The ant story is funny. Poor Jerry----sometimes we have to suffer for the cause. Great pictures even though the ant bites were painful. It was a beautiful wedding.

Pamela Stein said...

Hi Lindsey!!! This is Pamela! Thank you so much for linking up!! I LOVED your pictures, your dress is absolutely gorgeous and your story was hilarious! Poor hubbs!!! =D Tons of hugs from le Cloud!! =)



hannah singer said...

stunning photos. what a beautiful couple y'all are! happy anniversary!

and oh my word, what a funny story indeed. lol. ants are the WORST!

xo happy monday

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

WOW!! What a stunning bride you were and such a beautiful wedding!! Looks like it was straight out of a bridal mag!! Gorgeous!

moreygirl said...

your wedding was beautiful! Happy anniversary!