Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Year Blogging Party

I'm linking up over at the New Year Blogging Party, hosted by The Crowley Party, Casey Leigh, and Changing Lanes.

We signed up and got paired up with someone to get to know and send a little care package to! Now we're all posting what received, and a little about the person who sent it to us...

I was paired up with Desiree from Mama and Her Boys, who sent me this precious

It's so sweet and dainty, and I love it! I've worn it so much already.

The name of Desiree's blog fits her well as she has two little boys that keep her busy. She likes to have fun with her family on the weekends finding lots to do in their town of San Francisco. They mostly like to find new eating places, as well as go to parks and the zoo! Desiree also likes to cook as her hobby (I sent her a new cookbook!) and enjoys blogging to share her experiences as a wife/momma/student!

Go visit her at her blog, she's lovely!!


Monday, January 30, 2012

Guest Post! {Vertical Heart Garland with Goodknits}

Goodmorning everyone and happy Monday!
I'm so excited about this guest post! Today we have Lisa with us from Goodknits and she's going to share with us a great Valentine's tutorial on how to make a "Vertical Heart Garland". Her blog is lovely and filled with great photos, tutorials and knitted/crocheted pretties. And you HAVE to check out her shop which has the most beautiful doily blankets I've ever seen!
So, to not waste any more time, here's Lisa!


Hello there! I'm Lisa and I blog at Goodknits. I like to share easy DIYs, patterns (knit & crochet!), recipes, and photos of my home and life with two kiddos. Things are always interesting with two little boys and a bunch of yarn!

Last week, I shared a 5-minute crochet heart pattern on my blog and today I am sharing a simple tutorial for turning them into a vertical garland. I hope you like it!


First, the "anatomy" of the 5-minute heart. The spaces at points a-d will be where you will be inserting your hook for the garland.


Step 1: Inset your hook into space a and pull a loop through.
Step 2: Insert your hook into space b and pull a loop through the heart and the loop on your hook.
Step 3: Insert your hook into space c and pull a loop through the heart and the loop on your hook.
Step 4: Insert your hook into the stitch at point d and pull a loop through the heart and the loop on your hook.
Step 5: Chain 1, over the top of your heart.


Chain 5 (or however long you would like the spaces between your hearts) and then insert your hook into space a on your next heart and pull a loop through. Repeat the steps for this heart and each subsequent heart on your garland. Mine is only 4 hearts, but you can certainly make a longer one! I've even used a single heart with a long chain to wrap a gift. It was SUPER sweet.


I hung my little garland in the window, today. The cool breeze had it swaying. Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it and be sure to stop by and show me your projects!

Blog: goodknits
Twitter: @goodknits
Facebook: Goodknits
Etsy: omgknits

Thank you for having me on your blog, Lindsey!

Friday, January 27, 2012

New Turban Headband

there's a new item in the shop!

the turban headband!!

it comes in three lovely colors of teal, mustard and barley.

it looks so cute with your hair up or down and is super soft and comfy!
i think it has the sweetest 1950's flare to it, and looks so vintage.
keeps your ears warm in the winter and light enough to wear as an accessory in the spring.
they are hand crocheted by me with 50% alpaca and 50% wool yarn.

check them out here!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

pink grace

i made my very first treasury list on etsy today!

it's full of pink, lace, flowers and of course, vintage.
great inspiration for valentine's!

it's called "pink grace", find it here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

mason jar pincushion

i know you all have seen these little beauties floating around pinterest, but i decided to whip one up myself...

i used some cute fabric for the top, and then added some lace tape around the edge of the lid for extra pizzazz ;)

i used the inside to hold some of my embroidery threads instead of sewing tools. i really love how it turned out! it looks so sweet sitting on my craft table!

Monday, January 23, 2012

My Week

i've been spending a lot of time in my craft room lately, making new shop items and things for my niece's 1st birthday party!
so these pictures can show you what it's like in there right now...

i have so much going on this week. here's a compilation of my week:

i have my normal studying to do. i'm trying to finish some more clutches to go in the shop. i got these two new books in (crafty superstar and handmade marketplace) to read up on how to grow my shop. such great books! so helpful. and as i mentioned, we're in the middle of planning my niece's 1st birthday party. it's vintage themed and very girly. we've been collecting vintage china and all sorts of other pretties for it! :) it will be sweet. i'm making her a birthday bunting and some other things for decoration as well. what a sweetie she is.

happy monday everyone! hope your week is great!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Shabby Sheep

i made a wonderful find this week. i found a lovely little yarn store named the shabby sheep! it is such a quiet little slice of heaven, with colorful yarn abounding everywhere you turn.

it's set up in an old house and makes you feel right at home. their yarns are absolutely stunning and great quality.

here are a few that i took home with me ;)

they're so nice and will wind up the yarn you buy for you and package it up pretty! also, they offer all kinds of classes and events such as knit circles, project tutorials and even movie nights! check out their schedule here.

they also have a lounge where you can go to knit, crochet or anything else where they have ample rocking chairs and a coffee bar. does it get much better?! i think not.

so if you live in the dallas area, you need to go check it out. you'll be glad you did!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Life

these two pictures sum up what i'll be doing with my time from now on. studying and crocheting. the break is officially over and i've started back to grad school again. i like to stop studying and crochet for a little while to change things up and not get burnt out. plus i'm still working on adding more items to the shop. stay tuned for some new stuff!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pinterest Finds

these valentine's decorated cookies are adorable. love the lacy detail!
i've got to make one of these for the craft room. so cute and great storage.
loving these wrist warmers. they look so soft and sweet.
thinking of doing this to our guest bedroom closet...
need to do this in my craft room. i can never find these when i need them!
would be so pretty for valentine's...
NEED to make this beautiful embroidery pattern!
a pretty and easy way to wrap up your valentine's cards.
aren't these crochet covered jars dreamy? would love to get my hands on these! if you haven't been to dottie angel's blog, you need to go check it out.
some lovely baker's twine. great for packaging :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Look & New Items In The Shop

So there's a few new items in the shop...

a lacy crochet clutch...

a bow beanie...

and embroidered hoop art

You should check out these lovelies ;)

Also...my shop got a new header!! It's precious. I am in love.

Go see it and tell me what ya think~ the shop

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year Blogging Party

Check out this linky party:

This is going to be so much fun....you trade addresses with a blogger friend, and send each other gifts. Then you link up what you received!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


I love ballet.
From the balls of my feet to the tips of my fingers to the rhythm of music beating in my chest,
I love ballet.

It's something I've never shared with you all. I've danced since I was three, and the love for it has done nothing but grow.

While, yes, I always loved the sparkles, the shoes, the pink, the satin, and even the tutus, I've also loved the crackle of breaking in new shoes, the feel of a smooth wood floor below my toes, feeling every muscle in my body be tired and ache, the graceful flow of the movements, the way the lights on stage hit you in a way that you can't see anyone and feel like it's just you dancing by yourself, knowing the movements so well that you can do them without thinking and just be able to feel them in your bones and to feel confident about something. I love ballet.

When I went to college, I didn't dance anymore. There wasn't any time between studying, sorority events, and dating my future husband. ;)

But tomorrow, I'm going to dance.

I'm going to a ballet class and I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. I imagine it will be hard, and painful, and I won't be as flexible as I used to be, and may be a little bit rusty....but I will dance.

And it will be beautiful.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

What I'll be doing today

Putting out Valentine's decorations- love this heart bunting that I made last year

Crocheting a few things- some items for friends and for the shop

Reading- "The Secret Garden" love it!

Working on blog/shop stuff- hence the ipad

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 6, 2012


hi everyone! hope you had another great week. it's that time again for instafriday.
i've really been enjoying the time off i've had before starting grad school back up again.
so here's my week!

made some cute new coasters! (in the shop)

ready to go on date night. i got to wear my new skirt!

our christmas lights before we took them down. i was sad to see them go...

the yummy salsa at pappasito's on date night. o how i love this stuff. i can make a whole meal out of it.

my sweet pup sleeping the day away

mmm, some coffee beans just before being ground. it's one of my favorite smells.

little lucy learned how to get up on the couch by herself this week.

i think she's a little TOO good at it, but i love her.

i pulled out the valentine's mug. i know it's still early, but it helps me not be so sad about the christmas decorations going away :)

riding in the car going to get einstein bros. for breakfast

so yummy, the asiago bagel is the best!

bentley and i hangin out...we do this alot. ha

jerry and i cooked dinner together one night. i love doing that. my job was garlic bread.

for dessert, we had peppermint icecream. if you haven't tried this, you need to asap!

we grabbed lunch at sam's while doing some shopping. it's a hobby of ours to go look around and taste the samples. we came home with some spinach artichoke dip and white queso....

and i also found all of these wonderful new books there too. i started the secret garden and already love it.

happy weekend!

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