Friday, January 6, 2012


hi everyone! hope you had another great week. it's that time again for instafriday.
i've really been enjoying the time off i've had before starting grad school back up again.
so here's my week!

made some cute new coasters! (in the shop)

ready to go on date night. i got to wear my new skirt!

our christmas lights before we took them down. i was sad to see them go...

the yummy salsa at pappasito's on date night. o how i love this stuff. i can make a whole meal out of it.

my sweet pup sleeping the day away

mmm, some coffee beans just before being ground. it's one of my favorite smells.

little lucy learned how to get up on the couch by herself this week.

i think she's a little TOO good at it, but i love her.

i pulled out the valentine's mug. i know it's still early, but it helps me not be so sad about the christmas decorations going away :)

riding in the car going to get einstein bros. for breakfast

so yummy, the asiago bagel is the best!

bentley and i hangin out...we do this alot. ha

jerry and i cooked dinner together one night. i love doing that. my job was garlic bread.

for dessert, we had peppermint icecream. if you haven't tried this, you need to asap!

we grabbed lunch at sam's while doing some shopping. it's a hobby of ours to go look around and taste the samples. we came home with some spinach artichoke dip and white queso....

and i also found all of these wonderful new books there too. i started the secret garden and already love it.

happy weekend!

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Kara said...

First, those coasters are amazing!! I'm so sad that I've completely forgotten how to crochet! Second, Lucy is probably the sweetest dog I've ever seen! you must love her so much! And lastly, you can never go wrong with asiago bagels!
Thanks for sharing!

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

coasters & mug = adorable!

Also, I love all the books in that stack. ;)

Happy Friday!

Jodi@ said...

I love those coasters!!!

I was a bit bummed about putting our Christmas decorations up too. But I, like you, kept out a special mug. ;o)

I just watched "The Help", now I'm ready to the read the book. Can't wait!

Have a Happy Weekend!

Melissa said...

Those coasters are so cute!
I love that skirt, you looked adorable! I seriously always get full at Mexican restaurants from the salsa and chips!

Im not a big peppermint fan, but that ice cream doesn't look half bad! :)