Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Felt Flower Tutorial

Many of you asked me yesterday how to make the flowers I put on my wreath, and if they were easy.

The answer is YES! they are easy!!

I followed a tutorial from Little Things Bring Smiles, which is a beautiful blog by the way!

In her tutuorial she shows you how to make all of these different shapes of felt flowers.

And all I did to make the flowers bigger than the ones shown here was to combine two flowers that I cut out.
After I rolled one flower, I took the second flower I cut out and kept rolling on the same flower.
This will make more sense when you read the tutorial! :)

Other than that, I just cut my own leaves in the shape that I wanted them and hot glued them all on!

Hope this helps!!

1 comment:

Katie said...

thank you for your very sweet shout out :)

your wreath came out great, love the orange color!

enjoy your week and thanks again!

katie@little things bring smiles