Monday, November 7, 2011

Crochet Inspiration

I think everyone knows how much I love to crochet...

but it's so addicting when there's so many lovely patterns and ideas out there!
The possibilities are endless!

Here's a few patterns that I've been wanting to try...

Slouchy hats are one of my favorite accessories, and this one is so pretty for the fall!

This headband is super cute for adults or little ones :)

I absolutely love the look of these fingerless gloves, and I've been needing a pair!

O goodness, this clutch is beautiful! And you can make it even more lovely by putting a different button or lining the inside with fabric.

How cute would this scrubbie be sitting by your kitchen sink?!

Love these super sweet baby washcloths!

And I love everything about this afghan, the color, the pattern...soo snuggly!

All patterns were found via ravelry (which is a great resource for crochet or knit patterns) except the last two that were found on pinterest!



Heart n Soul said...

I like the hat, very cute.

Anonymous said...

love that hat, i think i have that pattern too... somewhere lol

Debbie said...

Cute ideas----all of them. You are so talented to be able to make them.

Aleksandra said...

So cute!

Elisa said...

nice! i would be able to do it!
please visit my blog and follow if you like!

Victoria said...

Hello beautiful,
I normally do not like songs playing, but Mistletoe is fantastic. It makes me want to fast forward through Thanksgiving completely! And the crochet inspirations are so wintery! Excitement for Christmas fills my veins!

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Biggest Love,
Victoria from Unlock Your World

Hilary Nussbaum said...

oh these are all so cute!! i love the beanie hat!! great post keep it up!! :))