Friday, February 3, 2012


Hi eveyone! I'm so happy it's the weekend. This has been a crazy week of studying, crocheting, and other activities. Here's some instagram photos of the week:

My new favorite sweater. I'm in love with coral!

Snuggling with little Lucy.

Reading and snacking on some cuties in the morning.

Working on a fun project!

Milk and thin mints at night. Yummy.

Some dinner I made.

I tried out Lisa's tutorial that she did on the guest post. I turned out so sweet. Love it!

Sitting at my desk studying, and wishing I was crocheting instead.

Doodling in class.

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life rearranged


Holly said...

I love your doggie, and the little crocheted hearts! :)

bailey k. said...

i want your pup and your sweater!! :)

i love your photos! :) i'm starting a new instagram link party on my blog, and i'd love for you to help me get it started!

thanks so much!