Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wall Collage

We've been decorating and nesting our new little home and one of the most recent projects we did was a wall collage over our couch!

Here's how it turned out!

the "lindsey and jerry's" board was from a sign we had at our wedding and took apart for this keepsake

and we completed it with my bridal portrait, a cute "home sweet home" sign, a cross, my yarn initial, one of our engagement pictures, and a replica of our wedding invitation turned into a wall hanging!

i left a little spot in that left bottom corner for one of our fall photos we just took! :)
i'll be posting those beauties as soon as we get them!!

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sarah beth said...

i love all the precious memories your wall collage holds! your bridal picture is stunning! and that home sweet home sign is so cute. i may have to make myself a yarn initial, too (:

Debbie said...

Your wall collage is very pretty and I love all the memories it holds. Glad I have been there to witness alot of those memories. Everything on the wall has it's own little special spot---I love it!