Friday, December 30, 2011


i'm so excited, since the hubby got me an ipad for christmas, this will be my first time to join in on instafriday!

so here's my week in instagrams

wearing my favorite bow at the moment

a beautiful view of the sunrise from our front window

a washcloth i crocheted while getting to crochet with some friends all day!

my new yarn holder (i'm sure that's not what it's meant for...but i think it's perfect for the job)

a new project i started using a sharp hook to crochet edging (this will probably go in the shop when i'm finished ;)

my sweet puppy sitting by me on the couch

life rearranged

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Jodi@ said...

love your creations! Anyone who can knit/crochet is top notch in my book. :o)

Happy New Year!

A Leap into Love said...

I'm gonna have to join this instafriday!! Very cute!!

Kara said...

Such a fun week! I am crazy jealous of your iPad though!