Monday, December 5, 2011

Miss Lucy

So we now have a little Lucy...

If you're wondering what happened to Bear, we had some issues with him adapting to our other dogs and he went to a wonderful home of someone I work with :)

About a month ago...we went on a date night and ended up at the pet store. We fell in love with this little girl who was so sweet and cuddly. She would look at you with those big eyes in her cage and just melt your heart. She's part Bichon and part Cavelier King Charles, and we LOVE her! She's adapted so well to our little family and she brings us alot of joy. She was 15 weeks when we got her at the pet store, which is longer than they usually stay at the pet store. The workers said she didn't sell as early as her brothers and sisters because she was the "fat girl" ha! Apparently everyone wants the little dogs. Since she was there longer, I asked if they had been calling her anything and they said "yes, Lucy, she just looks like a silly red-head". I loved the name because it fit her so well, and of course I have an obsession with "I Love Lucy".

So here's Lucy!

(she likes to get my earrings)

The hubs took this picture, and I thought it was hilarious because it sums up what I look like most of the time. Lucy or one of our other two dogs in my lap, my computer near by, and piles of yarn or finished crochet projects around me.

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