Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Photo Cards with Shutterfly

An item I had left to check off on my "Fall To-Do List" was to start making my Christmas cards. After visiting several different websites, I figured out on Shutterfly how to make some really cute and easy photo cards. I am so excited (with it being Jerry and I's first Christmas together!) to send these out and start a tradition.

They have tons of different styles. Here are some of my favorites:

Shutterfly makes it so easy...all you have to do is upload your picture and select your card template. Order the amount you want and they come right to your door.

 Here's the link for the Christmas Photo Cards. 

If you make an account with Shutterfly, you can also upload any pictures and have them printed and sent straight to your mailbox!

My sister-in-law also made a really sweet photo book of my niece that made a great gift for my mom.

If you want 50 FREE Christmas Photo Cards, then visit this link to see how!

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