Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions, Part 1

Happy 2011 everyone!
With the new year, I've made some resolutions for myself.

1. Exercise more! (I know I know, it's cliche because EVERYBODY has a new year's resolution to lose weight, but it's not to lose weight, just to become more healthy)
Here's the plan:

First, I want to start Zumba. I've heard so many testimonies of how great it is!

I would also like to get Jerry and I bikes so that we can go riding together. (This is the exact one I want :))

Finally, I am going to keep going to my ballet class that I started in early December (only got to go once before they stopped having class for the Christmas holiday).

I have two other new year's resolutions, but you'll have to check back because I'm going to post one a day!

P.S. Remember to eat your black-eyed peas!

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