Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Happy Girl

I truly believe this phrase. This has been a year full of wonderful blessings, and I'm glad to be a happy girl. God has given me many reasons to be happy on a daily basis, one of them being my husband.

The day Jerry and I met, my world changed. He has been there for me through a lot, and through it all, we've laughed and had joy. Whenever he comes home from work everyday, I get excited and know that my best friend just walked through the door. 

I also have a great family that gives me so much happiness.

And behind every happy girl lies a great friend, or two, or six. :)

I love these two boys so much!

My oh-so-cute puppies, Bentley and Rocky.

So today put on the prettiest thing that you could, a smile, and ...

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