Monday, April 4, 2011

Life Made Lovely Monday

I spent Friday and Saturday of the weekend babysitting my nieces, Addi and Bella. "Life Made Lovely" is about enjoying the small things, the things that give life joy, the things you can't buy, the things that you can only live out and in the moment, the things that make you smile.

And this, this makes me smile. Seeing your niece sliding down a huge tunnel slide at Chick Fil A yelling, "I coming! I slide Linsee!" (this is how my name is pronouned), that can ONLY make you smile. Seeing her contagious laughter catch on to everyone around her.

And I just have to include the smushed nose picture!

Later, I sat and crocheted some new items, as I watched Bella sleep peacefully, making her sweet baby noises from time to time.

These girls bring so much light into my world. I love them and any chance that I get to spend with them.

We took a wagon ride the next day down to the park. If you've never pulled a toddler in a wagon, you're missing out! To see their little hair blowing in the wind as they drink their juice, being outside in the fresh air, it truly is lovely.

We had so much fun at the park. Running, sliding, climbing, swinging. Not a bad afternoon.

What makes your life lovely?

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