Friday, August 12, 2011

Coffee Corner {Moving}

I'm linking up with Bleu Cloud's NEW Coffee Corner!
Today I'm spending my day packing up our apartment and getting ready to MOVE in 18 days!!

Since this is our first house, I have all these hopes and dreams for it!

Here's some of my inspiration (from Pinterest of course!)....





Audra @ The Kurtz Corner said...

Ah! You're moving? I need details :)

Pamela Stein said...

oooh man, how exciting!!!!!!!!!! =D you're gonna have YOUR HOUSE!!!! Aaaahhh (sorry, I got overexcited ahahah) girl, let us know how it's going... how are you feeling? And yes, we definitely should start a thrift link party, maybe every other week?? =D
Love ya, Lin!!


hannah singer said...

hooray! well, not for MOVING but being moved. into a house:)

the cup and saucer clock is killing me! love it!

katie said...

Good luck with the unpacking. Enjoy making your new space "home". I love your pinterest inspiration picks!