Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Me from {A to Z}

{a} age :  23

{b} bed size :  queen; I complain about it all the time because I'm one of those people who likes to sprawl out when I sleep, so it's a little tight with two people. Maybe someday we'll upgrade ;)

{c} chore you hate :  cleaning the bathroom, it's yucky...

{d} dogs :  a chihuahua named Bentley, and a maltese named Rocky
{e} essential start to your day :   time with the Lord, blog reading, coffee, and watering the plants
{f} favorite color :   yellow! and pinks/corals/peaches

{g} gold or silver :   definitely gold

{h} height :  5'4"

{i} instruments you play :   none at the moment, I used to play the piano.  I always regret quitting :(

{j} job title :   right now, graduate student ~ in one year! a Speech Pathologist!

{k} kids :   not yet, but sometime in the future

{l} live :   in TEXAS! I love the South!!

{m} maiden name :   Owens, now I have a hispanic last name and everyone I meet is like What? you're not hispanic? ha.

{n} nicknames :   Lin or Linz

{o} overnight hospital stays :   never had any, praise Jesus!

{p} pet peeve :   people biting their nails and tapping


{q} quote :   "Thanksgiving always precedes the miracle" -Ann Voskamp
{r} righty or lefty :  righty

{s} siblings :   one older brother named Tim, who's married and has two little girls, Addi and Bella.

{t} time you wake up :   at 8:00 right now, but that will change when I start my internship this fall. It will be more like 6:30.

{u} university attended :   Baylor University

{v} vegetables you dislike :   carrots! I hate carrots-raw, cooked, in things-don't like them!

{w} what makes you run late :   getting dressed, or traffic

{x} x-rays you’ve had :   I broke my arm when I was two! Other than that, just at the dentist. ha.

{y} yummy food :   pizza (the good kind ex. not pizza hut, pappa john's, etc.), pasta (mainly fettucine alfredo- get my recipe here), mexican food, any kind of dip like queso, salsa, guacamole, spinach, artichoke, bruschetta, love 'em!!! I also love granola, salads, soups, baked potatoes, bisquits and ice cream!{z} zoo animal favorite : giraffes! I used to go with my Memaw to the zoo when I was little, and they let you feed to giraffes. I would stand there FOREVER feeding the giraffes, they were my favorite!


hannah singer said...

you are so cute!
good for you, almost done with school!
and i love carrots:)

Higgenbottom said...

Your nieces are adorable and you and your husband are a beautiful couple! Also, congratulations on the almost new job. Sounds so interesting!

Erin said...

What a cute idea- a fun way to get to know you for sure!

Debbie said...

I could have answered most of those questions for you! Alot of those questions bring back fun memories.

Seek First said...

so cute! I love yellows and corals!

I have a fun giveaway for a $10 credit to my shop going on. You should come by and enter!


Anonymous said...

haha, the maiden name thing made me laugh. I'm about to get a Hispanic last name too! I'm sure I'll get some of the question mark looks too... haha

kimberlyann said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog about my suitcase chair! I love these facts! We also live in Texas too!
And I completely agree with cleaning the bathroom, lol!
your new follower,

Amy Childress said...

hello from your fellow Lone Star Lady!!!

i love giarffes....there my FAV animal by far!