Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wedding Paper Items

Goodmorning everyone! Thought I would share a few photos of some lovely paper things that I made for the wedding...

These are our programs that I made out of various vintage style scrapbooking paper. To hold them together I sewed a zig zag line straight down the binding edge.

Yes, you CAN sew paper!

I made these cute little bags, that folded down like coffee bean bags, for our candy table. So easy to make! I simply put on a sticker label that I AGAIN got from paper source, after stamping all of the labels with different Butterfly stamps. There's something I just love about stamps...so I put them on everything.

And this is one of the "Reserved" cards that we put on the tables at the reception. I made them from cards that I stamped and glued buttons (from my never-ending collection) on!

Have a great day and go create something!

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