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I wanted to share with you some of the details from Jerry and I's wedding. It's the details that set the mood and make your wedding unique! I feel as though I have so many memories of creating each individual detail, that makes it nice to have these photos and be able to remember. Join me on my journey through the small and delightfully lovely details of our wedding and the memories that were the force behind them.

These beautiful door hangers I made from a template that I found on a wedding blog. They remind me of the days when I spent hours upon hours searching blogs for inspiration. A lot of the details we had at the wedding came from blogs...I don't know where I would have been without them. This was actually the start of my blog interest!

I love this "BRIDE" dress so much. Mainly I love it because, even though I bought it on Etsy, a girl who went to the same college as Jerry and I made it. I was actually able to pick it up from her the day before the wedding. It made it feel so personal and special to wear something made from someone with the same alma matter.

These "L-O-V-E" mugs now sit beautifully displayed in our home. The story behind it is when I first layed eyes on them, they were sitting in one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie. Again, while reading a blog, I saw a photo of them with various types of flowers arranged in a way similar to the above photo. I immediately recognized where the mugs came from and headed out that instant to Anthropologie to pick them up.

These vintage medicine bottles were a compiled collection found by my mother, my grandmother, my sister-in-law, and myself. We have so many fond memories together and apart of scavaging every estate, garage, thrift and antique sale we could find!

One thing that was very important to me with the wedding (besides the photography) was the flowers. I LOVE flowers! I can't get enough of them, and every picture in my mind I had about the wedding included English Ivy, David Austin Roses, Stock, Dahlias, Rannanculus, Daisies and Spray Roses in every shade of pink, cream, peach and coral. They turned out even prettier than I ever imagined!

My love for vintage things came through as we placed antique furniture all over for the sign-in table, people to sit on at the reception, etc. This is one detail that I believe staged the scene for our outside vintage garden wedding.

It is so sentimental to have all of the notes that everyone "sent" to us in this. Another aspect of this picture is the very elegant pearl studded Bible. It was my grandmother's that she received on her wedding day! What a blessing on our marriage to have it out.

This hangline was a collection of all of the engagement pictures that Jerry and I took. The best memory I have with it was my cousins and aunts working so hard the day of the wedding to hang them all in the trees. They helped me so much!

Our chalkboard menu ended up looking so cute on our food table. This was an item that I shopped for in many etsy shops for the perfect one!

All of the above pictures were from our candy table. The candy table ended up being such a special aspect of our wedding to us. My Memaw put together the entire thing! She has such an eye for displaying and creating beautiful tablescapes. She collected all of the butterflies over time for us and put so much effort into everything about this candy table.

My mom and I spent a whole day devoted to finding watering cans for the flowergirls to put their flower petals in. We ended up finding these online and they ended up being the perfect color to contribute to our vintage/garden theme.

Jerry and I absolutely loved our cakes! We loved them because instead of going with the traditional chocolate and vanilla flavors, we had both of our favorite kinds of cake. The groom's cake was entirely Red Velvet and the bride's was Strawberry. So Yummy!

This vintage "Radio Flyer" wagon was found at a local antique store. I worked really hard to fix it up and it turned out to be one of the highlights of our ceremony. Everyone loved it when my niece, a flowergirl, was pulled down the aisle in it.

Jerry and I were very proud of these suits because we spent countless hours with a salesman gathering all of the parts in all of the right sizes. He actually became a friend of ours through the process and it was so much fun to work with him.

Ah the dress...I love my dress...I wish I could wear it everyday. I found it at the very first place I went to and it was like the second or third dress I tried on. As soon as I walked out in it, I knew. Since usually I will search forever to find the perfect outfit, my parents and Jerry didn't believe me when I came home and said I had found my dress. But, after my parents came with me to see the dress, they immediately fell in love with it as well. It's always been a special dress.

Shoes. I love them. I also love the fact that I bought these while shopping by myself. There wasn't anyone there to influence my decision. I knew that this was a one time thing of buying a pair of shoes this pretty and it was the best experience getting to walk into the store and actually pick these shoes out.

I wore these shoes while getting dressed the day of the wedding and also ended up wearing them while taking pictures and during the reception! I didn't plan on wearing them that much but they were so comfortable and allowed me to move easily.

I worked so hard picking out all of my bridesmaids dresses. None of them were alike. I found all of them at different stores and the fun thing was each dress truly fit the personality of the wearer. I got their earrings and necklaces at Anthropologie.

We took various pictures of us while were dating a placed them on an old wooden door. The door was then leaned up against a tree outside where we got married. This was very special to us, because God blessed us so much during the time that we dated, and it was great to have visual reminders of that time.

These straws are my favorite. After finding them in a store and falling in love with them, I realized that they would be way too expensive for the number of them that I would need. Then one day when I was reading a blog, a store was recommended that carried them for about a fourth of the price! I was so excited and ordered them that day.

These arrangements were on all of the tables at the reception. The pitchers were a collection from various loved ones, which made it very special.

Hope you enjoyed all of the photos and the little stories that made up our big day!

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